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Valeria Hinck             LOVE WINS THE DEBATE

Biblical Pleas Against The Discrimination Of Homosexual People   


Chapter 1: Foreword By Klaus Douglass

Chapter 2: Preface: Some Personal Remarks

Chapter 3: Homosexuality Closing Up To A term

Chapter 4: Genesis 19 And Judges 19
God's Angels And Lot In Sodom And Gibeah's Crime

Chapter 5: Leviticus 18,22 and 20,13
Sexual Offences In Mosaic Law

Chapter 6: Homosexuality In The New Testament

Chapter 7: Romans 1, 26-27
Consequences Of Renouncing God

Chapter 8: The Catalogue Of Vices in 1 Corinthians 6,9-10
Evidence Of Reversibility?

Chapter 9: 1 Timothy 1,10
Another Catalogue Of Vices

Chapter 10: Historical Context And Limitations Of A Seemingly Unquestionable Validity

The Role Of Creation Order (work in progress) 

"Be Fruitful And Multiply" (work in progress)
What Is Natural?

About Staying Single (work in progress)

Chapter 14: The "Scandalous" Jesus  Life Without Prejudices

Chapter 15: I Will Call My People, Who Were Not My People

Chapter 16: "Haven't You Read?" Jesus' View Of A True Understanding Of Scriptures And Law

Chapter 17: About Change In Values And In Life Conditions

1st Example: The Feast Of The Passover

2nd Example: The Understanding Of The Validity Of Marriage

3rd Example: Joseph And His Handling Of Mary's "Adultery"

4th Example: The Question Of Divorce

Chapter 18: Bread - not only for the children

Matthew 15,21-28 and Mark 7,24-3 

Chapter 19: Conclusion

Chapter 20: Personal Prayer – Appeasing Appeal?

Chapter 21: 1st Appendix: The Ruse of the Gibeonites

2nd Appendix: "The Lines Have Fallen To Me In Pleasant Places" (work in progress) - Is There A Special Vocation For Homosexuals?

At last (work in progress)

Chapter 23: Epilogue